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Community Leadership Australia members programs are underpinned by various theories and draw on a variety of practices to support their individual programs.

Each member organisation draws on different theories techniques, but we are all connected through our aim of increasing leadership capacity for the benefit of local communities.

To read more about the programs and their relevant theories and principals, see each organisation’s website listed here (insert link to page or for more information on some of these theories and tools click on one of the headings below.


Theories, Principles and Global Research

Following are a variety of theories, principles and global research that inform our programs structure and methodologies.


Tools and Techniques

Various tools and techniques are employed within our programs ensuring alignment to the principles of Adult Learning.

Community Leadership Australia members programs integrate theory and knowledge in experiential, practical delivery engaging participants deeply.

Some tools and techniques that inform this delivery are;


Measuring the impact of our programs is a vital component in our pursuit of continuous improvement. Following are some tools utilised.

Australian Specific Research

Following are Australian specific research links that provide information within an Australian context.



The quality of facilitation is a crucial element in delivering programs that are engaging, current and relevant.

Nationally we draw on various facilitators to deliver core components in our programs. Many of our programs are supported generously through pro bono facilitation.

For more information on these facilitators go to:



Infrastructure, Logistics and Program Specific Resources

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