Leadership Impact

CLA members are civic development organisations.

We develop leaders for leadership impact: the express purpose of making progress on complex economic, social and
environmental challenges.
Our organisations help co-ordinate our thousands of alumni on hundreds of important projects and activities
impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australians.
Our activities cover a broad range of activities, including: disability, social disadvantage, children, youth and family
wellbeing, economic transition during industry and digital disruption, social cohesion for new and emerging
multicultural communities, environmental repair and sustainability, and more. We partner with government, and
civic and business organisations to find new solutions to varied and systemic challenges. Many of our alumni are
active mentors, supporting young people as well as established leaders to make progress. Almost all do so in a
voluntary capacity.
Our members also stimulate community conversations on important issues, holding forums and utilising social
media to create conditions for progress and build Australia’s leadership wisdom and character. Our alumni also
actively participate in community consultations, think tanks and advisory panels, supporting public policy on a wide
variety of topics, bringing innovative and diverse thinking to complex issues.
Some of our recent projects and activities are outlined below.

Guide Dogs Tasmania Memorial Garden (Tasmanian Leaders Project)

Leadership appears in many forms when it comes to Learning Set projects. Some project ideas appear fully formed and get swiftly, decisively brought to life, others are a synergistic moment of time, money and opportunity. And then there are those that are a dogged testimony to resilience and the delivery of a vision at all costs. The Guide Dogs Tasmania Memorial Garden Project Learning Set is one of those leadership stories.

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Jen Edis – Founder – Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market

Jen Edis arrived in Tasmania with a purpose. She wanted to start a community farmers’ market in Launceston. It was a simple, vivid, driven vision. She had only just moved to Tasmania with her husband and two children when she heard an interview on the radio about the Tasmanian Leaders Program and knew this would be the vehicle through which the farmers’ market concept could begin.

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