CLA members become key stakeholders in a powerful and evolving community of practice that provides tangible benefits to their organisations in achieving their strategic objectives.

Through its national conferences (held twice a year), teleconference and its online forum, CLA members:

  • Act as a conduit between business, government and the broader community to work collectively to contribute to the community, to share its expertise and values and help diversify and strengthen the leadership agenda within local communities.
  • Gain access to:
    • A cross-section of community leadership professionals from some of the most significant leadership organisations in Australia
    • Key decision-makers, politicians and industry peers
    • Significant and leading-edge research and development being undertaken by our diverse membership
    • Offer professional development through sharing programming, alumni development and organisational best practices
    • Create opportunity to discuss other leading edge initiatives and opportunities to expand the impact of member organisations’ work.

Additional outcomes for CLA participation include:

  • Decreases the learning curve of new CEOs, program leaders and other program staff
  • Provides opportunities for creativity and innovation in the field
  • Allows rapid trouble-shooting and problem-solving with peers
  • Empowers organisations to respond more rapidly and effectively to the needs of stakeholders
  • Reduces rework and prevents ‘reinvention of the wheel’, through sharing and understanding the challenges, failures and successes experienced in other  programs/organisations
  • Spawns new ideas for programs and services, and
  • Ability to attend, participate and vote in CLA proceedings.

Annual membership fees are $1,100 per annum and are payable in November of each year. To check your eligibility please see below or to sign up today please contact us.

Eligibility for membership

Any organisation that satisfies the Board of CLA that it is a Community Leadership Organisation may apply to become an Organisational Member of CLA. A Community Leadership Organisation is one which meets all of the following criteria:

(i) conducts leadership development activities for the purpose of enhancing the economic, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing of Australian communities.

(ii) upholds and adheres to the values and ethics of CLA as developed by CLA from time to time

(iii) Is willing to engage actively in the association and to demonstrate personal leadership in furthering the mission of CLA and its members

(iv) Expects and encourages its members and its participants to engage in community capacity-building and service

(v) is sufficiently interested or concerned in the activities of CLA;

(vi) is a not for profit organisation, which for the avoidance of doubt includes eligible programs operated by government organisations, but specifically excludes any organisation or the program of any organisation where the legal entity is established for the profit of its owners or permits a distribution of surplus to members.